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About Vital Family Chiropractic

Vital Family Chiropractic teamOur mission at Vital Family Chiropractic is to make our Bromley community healthier, by using chiropractic and educating our clients about nutrition and exercise, as they move along their journey back to health. A community member in optimal health and wellness has the strength and vitality to have a positive impact on the lives of others around them.

How Chiropractic Helps

We believe strongly that health comes from within. Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism, which has the innate intelligence to repair any damage sustained from everyday life and lifestyle choices.

When you receive treatment at Vital Family Chiropractic, the adjustments you are given will slowly realign those areas of your body that have become misaligned through the years or from trauma.

We’re not going to tell you there’s a magic wand to reduce the symptoms that you may be experiencing from those possible misalignments overnight. Chiropractors Christine Bakker or Christopher Bishop will be with you each step of the way, however, explaining treatment styles to you and explaining why and how they help your body.

They will educate their clients where possible, as much as possible.

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Creating a Community

Christine was inspired by the Orpington area, a quaint village with a great small-town feel, and felt it was the perfect place to set up her own business in 2017.

The close-knit community of businesses look out for each other, and that feeling carries throughout the chiropractic practice the minute you walk through the door. Christine wants everyone to feel like they’re part of a big family when you’re receiving treatment, and afterwards.

Making a Real Impact

There have been many success stories that flow freely from Vital Family Chiropractic. There is a wheelchair-bound client, whose quality of life has improved greatly through chiropractic and its effect in reducing spasms. There is a young child suffering from horrifying night terrors. Through chiropractic cranial work, the child no longer has nightmares. He’s sleeping better, his wellness has improved, and his parents can rest easy again.

Take That First Step

Chiropractic care has a real-life impact for so many people, across the world. Christine, Christopher, and their team are excited to see how they can help you get back to feeling like yourself, one step at a time.

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