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Adjusting baby

Paediatric Chiropractic at
Vital Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is a natural way to help your children’s bodies function at their most optimal level. As one of the few providers of paediatric care in the area, chiropractors Christine, Christopher and their team are happy to welcome new clients, from babies through teens, to the practice.

Children can be subjected to what we consider trauma from birth onward. If they had a difficult birth, had stumbles and falls while learning to crawl and walk, or they’re a teen busy with athletics, chiropractic has many benefits for their growing bodies.

Even if they haven’t experienced trauma to their bodies, an adjustment can help keep their nervous system working efficiently.

Making Children a Priority

Christine offers paediatric chiropractic because as a parent, she loves the vibe children add to the practice. They add a lift to the atmosphere of the office, and better yet, she can help tots, teens and their parents live healthier, more vibrant lives through chiropractic adjustments.

Child Activator adjustmentWhat to Expect During Your Child’s Visit

A visit to the doctor doesn’t have to be scary for kids, and at Vital Family Chiropractic we ensure they’re comfortable every step of the way. We use the gentlest techniques, individualised to the child’s needs, and take great care to respect their body autonomy. If they’re not feeling up to the appointment that day, we don’t push the issue. We are flexible, and they can come at a better time for them.

During an appointment, Christine checks reflexes, spine, and the cranial nerves, as well as balance, coordination, and posture. She’ll also observe how well they can concentrate, which can indicate how well the nervous system works.

Babies should be fed ahead of the appointment, and care should be taken to schedule appointments well before or after naptime.

Now Welcoming New Clients

Christine wants other parents to experience how chiropractic care can help their children thrive in life, by simply balancing their nervous systems with gentle, individualised adjustments.

Come see how we can help your kids – and the whole family – live a healthier lifestyle. Book an appointment!

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