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Meet the Team at Vital Family Chiropractic

Christine Bakker, MChiro DC – Director and Chiropractor

Dr. ChristinaChristine was born and raised in The Netherlands, in the small town of Reeuwijk, not far from Gouda.

She was introduced to the power of chiropractic through her father. He developed a severe back problem that started mildly, and he took the usual medical route people tend to take when they are in pain and don’t yet know about chiropractic. After many doctors and multiple drugs, the problem became so severe he was uncomfortable around the clock. He was told he needed surgery – he had developed a disc herniation, which was pressing on a nerve.

When Christine’s mother learned about the plans for surgery, she was determined to help her husband avoid it. She found a local chiropractor, and within a few weeks following treatment, he was feeling much better. Within a few months, he fully recovered and has continued regular checkups to keep his spine and nervous system healthy.

Having seen the devastating impact that problems like this can have, Christine was inspired to embark on her own journey to become a chiropractor.

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A Family Chiropractor You Can Trust

Christine completed five years of study at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, graduating with a Master of Chiropractic (MChiro) degree in 2008.

Having worked as an associate in various clinics in Suffolk, Norfolk and Kent, she eventually opened her own clinic, Vital Family Chiropractic, located near Orpington and Bromley, in 2017.

From the beginning of her chiropractic journey, Christine gradually discovered how chiropractic is so much more than just helping people combat their symptoms. She loves helping families in every aspect of their journey back to health, and to guide and educate her clients to stay that way. She feels fortunate to have found a profession that she loves and is passionate about.

In Her Spare Time

Outside of work, Christine is a mum to two little ones who keep her on her toes. She loves keeping active where possible, especially outdoors. Surfing and rock climbing are still among her favourite activities, but maybe done a little less frequently now.

Christopher Bishop, MChiro DC – Chiropractor

Dr. ChristopherChristopher’s chiropractic journey began when he was 17 years old. Outside of school, he often worked for his family’s furniture business, where ironically everyone had ‘bad backs’. On top of that, he was active in all kinds of sports, but typically never stretched or cooled down properly, so he soon developed back issues of his own.

Around the same time, he was also deciding on a career path, which he found difficult. He either wanted to be a footballer or had no idea. Meanwhile, Christopher’s father, who had a big hand to play in his chiropractic journey, was seeing a chiropractor for his sciatica.

That chiropractor turned out to be none other than Christine Bakker!

Having experienced the benefits of chiropractic on his own health, symptoms and wellness, his dad soon convinced Christopher to visit Christine.

After every adjustment session, he came home and raved to his parents about how interesting he found chiropractic, and there it was: he found his new career path!

Christopher successfully completed the five-year university study at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and joined the VFC team in July 2022. He loves seeing a variety of clients, and he has a particular interest in sports performance and injuries, as well as rehabilitation and nutrition.

Louise – Chiropractic Assistant

LouiseLouise joined the Vital Family Chiropractic team in June 2018 and loves her role as chiropractic assistant. She has realised there is so much more to it than just the admin part.

As the front of house, she really loves being part of our clients’ chiropractic journey and the improvements to their health, no matter how big or small. She also loves doing our blackboard and wipe boards, filling them with interesting chiropractic facts and quotes.

Before joining VFC, she worked as a massage therapist and has always been keen to explore the human body and how it works. She believes her role here is helping expand her knowledge. Louise is happily married and has two teenage children who keep her busy. In her spare time, she likes swimming, walking, and going to concerts.

Karina – Chiropractic Assistant

KarinaKarina is the newest member of our front-of-house team and has a strong background in customer service. Her chiropractic experience is a prime example of the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments.

She has always been an advocate of healthy food and natural remedies, but years of retail took a toll on her back. Like many, Karina believed this was just something she had to deal with. However, after a painful commute to work, she spoke to a family friend who was a chiropractor and had her first chiropractic adjustment!

Karina was amazed by the almost-immediate difference it made, and she started her path to recovery. She loves her role as a chiropractic assistant, as she is excited for clients’ health journeys and seeing the difference chiropractic makes for them.

Over the last few years, she found exercise a good stress reliever. Coming out of lockdown, not only has she continued her regular gym workouts, but also added Olympic weightlifting to her repertoire. She found that regular chiropractic adjustments work well here, improving her performance and helping keep her injury free.

A dog lover, Karina’s extended family includes Monty, a cockerpoo who has his own chiropractor and gets regular adjustments!

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