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Sports Chiropractic at
Vital Family Chiropractic

If you’re an active athlete, whether young or young at heart, you know how quickly a sore neck or problematic back can affect your play. You might feel the stiffness and joint pain in your shoulders and knees.

Chiropractic care helps by optimising the messages between the brain and the body, which in turn optimises your sports performance.

How Adjustments Can Help

Clients commonly visit chiropractors Christine and Christopher for groin strains, rotator cuff injuries, sore joints and limbs, sprains and strains, and spinal injuries and strains.

Through adjustments, the Vital Family Chiropractic team will balance the body and help it heal faster. Athletes can return to the high level of performance they expect, and their bodies can better adjust to new injuries they may incur, in cases where the patient is an active footballer and rugby player.

How Chiropractic Works Within

Your body’s processes are regulated by your nervous system, which consists of the brain and nerves. Everyday stresses – physical, emotional, or chemical – can interfere with the proper working of your nervous system. This can result in a decreased nerve function, which in turn causes your body to work inefficiently.

When this goes on for long enough your body’s alarm system is triggered, which results in symptoms like pain, pins and needles, stiffness and weakness, as well as many others. This is simply a signal from your body to say something is wrong and you need to do something about it.

Evaluating patient's backWhat to Expect During Care

After filling out a health history questionnaire in advance, or in the office during your first visit, we’ll chat with you about why you’ve chosen chiropractic, and what you’re feeling throughout your body.

You’ll then receive your physical exam from one of the chiropractors, where they will observe and measure your posture, take screen pictures, check balance and coordination, and perform muscle testing. This allows the doctors to home in on the underlying issues of your symptoms. This first visit usually takes about 40 minutes.

Once they’ve gathered all the information during the first visit, the doctors put together a report of your findings and when you return for your second visit, you’ll be taken through what they found, what they suggest for treatment plans, as well as the costs associated. You will also receive your first adjustment. This appointment will take about 30 minutes.

Give Chiropractic a Try

If you are interested in trying a different approach to alleviate the pain and discomfort you may be feeling, chiropractic care is a natural, holistic way of approaching your health and wellness.

Call to make an appointment today; we are eager to meet you!

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